April 21, 2015

Quiet Transformation

There are times when you're unsure, when you're making decisions based upon intuition, cirmcumstance and your gut. These decisions are a leap of faith. The hope is that things work out for good. What can be frustrating is when you don't know why things are happening the way they are or why things don't seem to add up. Our instinctive need to know it all and control the outcome, kicks in.

What I know today is that God speaks to us in tiny whispers and it's up to us to heed to those whispers...

My words for 2015 are "Quiet" and "Transformation". I could not figure out why I felt the need to be quiet and then why metamorphosis / transformation kept coming to me...now I do. It all makes sense.

These past weeks have revealed to me the answers. I've been embraced by love, comfort, prayer and nourshing grace.

I'm anew, I've been quiet, I am transforming...


  1. God is performing His goodwill and pleasure in you.



  2. Yes. His messages come through.
    Love you lady.

  3. Love this revelation of yours! Quiet and Transformation.... Perfect.

  4. Sounds delicious - makes me so happy to read this

  5. Replies
    1. Love to you my sweet, sweet friend...xxO

  6. Ooh, I love this and I love YOU!!

  7. And you're back...all refreshed, I hope:~) This is a calming post. I read it and gave a gusty, but relaxing sigh. You're already working your magic!

    My favorite line in this post is this one: "What I know today is that God speaks to us in tiny whispers and it's up to us to heed to those whispers..."

    I just read out loud again, letting the words settle. They are the arrow that hits the mark. More words of wisdom....please:~)

    1. Yes, easing back in for sure...continuing to listen to the whispers.

      So good to hear this writing spoke to you. I love sharing light.



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