roid week 2014

Here's my submission of images for 2014's Roid Week. It was a sentimental and exhilarating ride as always!

Day 5-Missing Niro
Our beloved doggie passed away one year ago this month. We miss his loving personality and ability to always find his way to the most comfortable lounging spot in the house.
Day 5-Everlasting Poinsettias
We purchased these poinsettias in December. It's now May and they're still going strong!

Day 4-Whispies among the Green
My favorite plant moving in the breeze. I wanted to capture how I wanted to feel in the breezy fresh air.
Day 4-Nature Converted
I love the simple beauty of wood. What a blessed bonus seeing it here in a natural environment.

Day 3-Palms
It's amazing how beautiful palms are even though they withstand so much movement from the wind and weather. Such resilience...
Day 3-Ocean View
It was a perfect day of sun filled with the smell of the ocean breeze.
Day 2-Climb
I love the idea of climbing to the top and perching way up high. I also love the view of the branches from this angle.
Day 2-Whispies
My favorite plant to look at...
Day 1-Burst of Red
I can't decide if the close up is my favorite or the image below of more bits and pieces of red.
Day 1-More Bursts of Red
I can't decide if I prefer the bits and pieces of red here or the close up below. Oh well, I can love both!

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